Friday, May 14, 2010


So what do you get when you mix this:

With this?

Pretty sure you get a Maggie

When we first got Maggie, I found a website about dog breeds. I picked her ear shape, body shape, tail shape, etc. It suggested that she was part Leonberger and part Golden Retriever. When I read about Leonbergers though, they were HUGE, so I assumed it was wrong. We had been thinking that Maggie was just mixed with Shepherd. Last weekend we saw our first real life Leonberger, and although he was much bigger than Maggie, they were very similar. He had pretty much all the characteristics that Maggie had that weren't retriever. Then I found that side view of a Leonberger on wikipedia. Besides the coloring, that is exactly what Maggie looks like. I don't have any side pics of Maggie where she isn't....uh.....wearing my sweatshirt, but I'll have to take one. This breed also accounts for the reason why Maggie weighs a good 20lbs more than a Golden Retriever or German Shepherd should weigh. (Don't let all her fur fool you, when we give her a bath we can see that she is actually skinny.)

Probably not that exciting to everyone else, but I've been really curious about what kind of dog Maggie to figure it out!

Friday, May 7, 2010

2010 Schwinn Jenny

One movie scene that always cracks me up (in an otherwise pretty dark movie) is the scene in "American Beauty" when Annette Bening walks in to find her husband sitting in a chair with his back to her. She's just come home to find a mint condition classic car in the driveway. She asks "um....whose car is that out front?" Without hesitation, and without turning around to acknowledge his wife, Kevin Spacey responds "Mine. 1970 Pontiac Firebird. The car I have always wanted and now I have it. I rule!" He even raises his fist up in excitement. Check it out:

So I am as excited about my new bike as Kevin Spacey's character was about his car. Seriously. A 2010 Schwinn Jenny Cruiser, the bike I have always wanted. I rule.

Not only is the bike a 7 speed with hand brakes (my old cruiser has no speeds and pedal brakes...not so great) but the model is called Jenny, so it HAS MY NAME PRINTED ON THE BIKE. Who could ask for more?

The only other bike I have (besides the crappy cruiser) is a faded neon orange mountain bike I got from a going out of business sale when I was 11. It is so old that it is too rusty to adjust the seat and handlebars, and since I was a kid the last time it was adjusted....yeah, not too comfortable to ride.

We have two grocery stores right near our house, plus two days a week I work just a little over a mile from my house, and there are parks and farmer's markets nearby. I'll have lots of opportunity to ride my bike.

So excited!