Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So when we first started looking at our house (around January of 2009) it had an ok lawn. It was green, it was well kept. The house had been in foreclosure for over a year, but the bank must have been paying someone to keep it up. When we went into escrow (February of 2009) the bank stopped caring about it. Since we had the WORLD'S LONGEST ESCROW (was supposed to be 90 days but didn't end until mid JUNE 2009,) by the time the house was actually ours, the grass was past waist high. Brian paid his teenage cousin David to go over and hack everything down before we moved in (on June 28, 2009.) When we moved in, the city was widening the street and took part of the front yard (but gave us a sidewalk and poured us a driveway!) The front yard was mostly weeds after all the overgrowth, so we sprayed grass/weed killer on everything and waited for it to die. Then the city had to dig up the whole yard and smooth out all the dirt, so we didn't seed the lawn until it was pretty much winter. Yes, we could have used sod...but if you walk on sod too soon it dies, and it would cost about $2,0000 to sod the front and back yard. Seed is like $30. No contest. So to make a long story short, the grass is just finally now starting to really come in. Brian mowed it for the first time yesterday. This weekend I'm going to spray something that will help kill the weeds that have popped up, and will fertilize the grass. Yay for no longer having a front yard swamp!